Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Donald Trump and HIV: What Do Black and Trans Women Got to Do with It?

This article described a disturbing effect of Trump’s desire to repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act). The ACA provides care to 20 million uninsured adults, and also helps to fund AIS organizations. urthermore, Medicaid currently helps to provide medical treatment and cover for over 40% of people with HIV, funds HIV testing / prevention, and helps women living with HIV receive housign, nutrition support, and prevention services. 
Curenlty, there is a dirproportiantliy high prevalence of HIV amongst Blac women and transgender women of color. Thus, Trump’s desire to slash tthese services that offer services and care for patients with HIV and AIDS would be a social and racial justice issue, as it would disproportionately impact  African American women and transgender women of color. This potential threat is emblematic of President Trump’s complete lack of awareness of the health of Black and trans women, and how this manifests itself through viral transmission particularly those in lo income community. 

The author of this article advises readers to amplify the chalenges that Black women and transgender women face, particularly through increased research, medical tools, and advocacy. I wonder how we at Stanford can make this a priority in our institution - to make sure that the voices of marginalized communities are heard, and what we as a privileged University can do to help. 

Ashley Jowell

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everyone should keep alert from Virus.