Sunday, March 19, 2017

Southern States Prepare for Mosquito Season

With the approach of spring right around the corner, counties and states in the southern US have begun to prepare for the height of mosquito season.  With increasing global temperatures and the widening of the survivability range of aedes aegypti, the US has seen an increase in once geographically restricted ARBO viruses.  With this increase the US has implemented vector control measures against mosquitoes that include trapping and sampling methods testing for certain viral agents, such as zika and west nile, direct attrition methods with spraying and water treatments, and general prevention education.  The US has had to deal some major ARBO viruses in the past, however it was generally restricted and having a low incidence rate in the population, but this new spread of host vectors has introduced new challenges into preventing major viral disease.  Only time will tell how far the vectors will spread into the US, but regardless, measures are in place and are currently trying to combat this spread.
-Ethan Wentworth

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