Thursday, March 23, 2017

Swine flu cases up in Maharashtra

Incidence of H1N1 influenza A, usually known as swine flu, has gone up in the state of Maharashtra in India. There have been 40 deaths due to swine flu in 2017 so far, with 14 deaths just in the last week. This sudden increase in swine flu cases, particularly in cases that turn critical, is making health officials take note. Most critical patients develop respiratory distress, and are typically people with immune compromise or who delayed treatment.

There have been 182 swine flu cases and 40 deaths in Maharashtra, with the greatest number occurring in the city of Pune. Health officials encourage people to get the influenza vaccine, seek care early if they feel symptomatic, and keep up good health practices such as hand washing and eating well. People with immune compromise should be particularly careful.

Richa Wadekar


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