Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Silence is golden: Suppressing host response to Ebola virus may help to control

This article cited an impressive study looking at a method to target ebola infection. Ebola i an incredibly dangerous and virulent virus originating in viruses, that has highly contagious human to human transmission. At this point, there re now available ebola vaccine. 
One the reasons that ebola virus is so virulent is that it targets macrophages which in turn damages the immune system. This study found that using drugs that inhibit the action of toll like receptor 4 (that the ebola virus generally activates) in turn leads to keeping the macrophages that are exposed to Ebola virus silent.
This novel and exciting study is an exciting step on developing treatment for Ebola virus, as the virus can be made silent through the use of these drugs. Further research is clearly needed, but this was an exciting study nevertheless that could lead scientists towards creating an ebola vaccine. The research was based off of work with the Reston Virus, an ebola virus cousin that does not activate the immune system upon microphone infection, thus demonstrating how an understanding of one virus can build off of knowledge of other viruses. 

- Ashley Jowell

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