Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Product Red - Apple iPhone 7

While perusing the news, I was VERY excited to see that Apple has introduced the iPhone 7 into the Product Red Special Addition. The (RED) partnership has help to raise over $130 million dollars for HIV / AIDS programs giving counseling, testing, and medicine to prevent HIV vertical transmission from a mother to her baby. 
The addition of the iPhone 7 is very exciting, as it demonstrates Apples continuous efforts to help stop HIV transmission. I believe it is the corporate responsibility of companies to lead social impact projects, such as Apple’s RED Program. If all “for profit” companies were to in fact donate towards antiviral transmission efforts, mitigation programs, vaccination programs, and viral research, this would lead to an additional billions and billions of dollars being invested in public heath each year which could have huge impacts! I was so thrilled about Apple “loudly and proudly” being at the forefront of this effort, and hope that other companies will follow in its footsteps. 

-- Ashley Jowel

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