Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Herbal remedies for HIV/AIDS ?

Yahyah Jammeh, president of Gambia, has teamed up with British homeopath company Gambia Wellness Foundation, which is sponsored by the suppliers of homeopathic medicine to the royal family in Britain. The foundation is backed by venture investors Ainsworth. He has allowed the Gambia Wellness Foundation to set up clinical practice in Gambia.  

Jammeh also claims to have discovered an herbal cure for HIV-AIDS. Jammeh creates issues when he uses his authority in order to denounce scientifically proven and standard of care drugs.  

Outsiders have argued that the foundation is causing more harm that benefits and that they should be persecuted. Further, human rights advocates have stated that in order to set up clinical practice they were disregarding the human rights violations that have happened in the past. Jammeh has been known to jail individuals with opposing views and forcing villages to drink hallucinogenic potions. After an Amnesty International investigation, it was found to be due as retribution to cast spells.

His HIV clinic has been among the most problematic actions as it requires patients to give up antiretroviral treatment for a year. Jammeh has continuously refused to disclose the homeopathic “cure.” Sources claim that the president believes that is a concoction of herbs is curative if combined with discontinued use of antiretroviral treatment alcohol, caffeine and sex.

Gianna Nino-Tapias (’18)


-       Amon, JJ. Dangerous medicines: unproven AIDS cures and counterfeit antiretroviral drugs. Globalization and Health (2008).

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