Saturday, March 18, 2017

Zika May be Connected to Heart Problems in Adults

Doctors may have found a link between Zika virus infection and heart problems in adults. So far, the connection has been only seen in 8 people in Venezuela so it is far from proof. However, a lot is still unknown about Zika virus and its affects. Recent attention has been focused on Zika's link to infection of pregnant women and microcephaly in fetuses. As awareness increases that Zika may be linked to heart problems, more cases may start to show up.

Most people infected with Zika are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms of fever, aches, rash, or red eyes. Complications are rare in adults. A recent report from the International Journal of Cardiology discussed findings that similar mosquito-borne viruses such as yellow fever virus, dengue virus, and chikungunya virus have links to heart problems. Thus, it may be unsurprising if Zika virus does as well.

-Anne Sommer
*written before Jazzmin published her post 

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