Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Powdered Vaccine Raises Hopes of Stopping a Top Killer of Kids

This might be my favorite blog post that I have ever written! This exciting article described a new rotavirus vaccine; rotavirus vaccines are incredibly important, as rotavirus results in gastroenteritis that infects hundreds of thousands of children across the globe, and can kill ~100,000 each year.
This new vaccine being developed leads to 70% effectivity in preventing retrovirus. While retrovirus techniques have developed in the past, this vaccine is particularly exciting, as it is the first vaccine available in a powdered form, as it was freeze dried. This is very important, as one of the limiting factors towards vaccination efforts is that the rotavirus vaccine has typically needed to be kept cold. Having the virus available in powdered form would allow it to be more easily distributed to children in sub Saharan Africa, where there is the greatest need. The vaccine is also an oral vaccine, so is easily administered. All a health worker has to do is dissolve the powder in salt solution and put on top of the baby’s tongue. The vaccine is equally safe and effective as those now, and will ultimately be cheaper as it does not require a cold chain reaction!

- AShley Jowell

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