Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Norovirus outbreak continues at Santa Monica School

This article describes a current norovirus outbreak at a number of Santa Monica schools. The norovirus outbreak began after students went on a class trip to Yosemite - this really surprised me, as I would not have expected yosemite to be a location that had particularly high noroviral transmission. 
While the trip to yosemite occurred in late January when ~200 seventh graders went to Yosemite, students are continuing to contact the virus - in fact, there were 22 kids that contacted it last week at Santa Monica high school! Schools have been closed a number of days to try and stop the outbreak, but it stil has not wored.
This situation demonstrates to me simply HOW contagious neurovirus is, and how hard it is to control, even if public heath officials are working very hard to prevent transmission. Furthermore, it’s hard to control as kids that appear healthy after feeling sick might still be contagious.
Luckily the situation is improving, as the number of infected children are dwindling, but nonetheless, the situation is still difficult for children, teachers, and familmies. 

- Ashley Jowell

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