Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Very cool new HIV vaccine approach

Ok, so you probably see something along the lines of "New HIV Vaccine" or "New AIDS drug approach" articles shared on your facebook feed all the time. Then you read about them and see that they're still in the infancy of development or just seem unreasonable for various reasons such as scale-up, money, consistency, etc.

I came upon this new AIDS drug article through facebook too, but I'm actually pretty convinced on its merit and potential. Now this potential vaccine idea has only been demonstrated in monkeys so far but it has been highly efficacious in them.

What makes this approach unique is that this new method stimulates muscle cells (i repeat MUSCLE cells) to produce antibody-like proteins that have both a head and a tail that can block both the GP 120 and GP 41 proteins.
I think this'll actually work as a vaccine (if actually effective in humans) because.
1. Only one injection per year
2. Less side effects than immunotherapy drugs
3. Universal protection against all sub-types around the world
4. It expresses a transgene in your body so that your muscle cells produce the antibodies (woa)

Not sure how that last part works yet, but this is exciting at least. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more news on it.

- Jimmy


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