Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First patient joins chikungunya and dengue safety risk study

Meche wrote earlier about the concept of INTERCEPT blood system platelets to treat Chikungunya and dengue virus. Cerus corp in collaboration with the American Red Cross is starting the first study on this treatment idea.
It'll be called the Treatment Use (TRUE) study in Puerto Rico. The hope is to be able to use the treatment around the world. Dengue viruses are at an endemic status within the Caribbean, and in December 2013 health officials confirmed the first local contraction of chikungunya. Both of these viruses, native to tropical climates, are spread through mosquito bites. The illnesses are found in tropical regions and the Southeastern U.S.
So this is still just a safety risk, but I'm excited to see where it'll end up.

- Jimmy 

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