Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New HPV Vaccine protests agains 9 Strains!

so we know that HPV vaccination is an issue in America. Only 33.4% of girls in America complete the 3-dose immunization schedule while it's 60% and 70% in Britain and Australia, respectively. Vaccination rates are even lower for boys. This is a problem! 1 in 4 Americans are infected with a strain of HPV. Almost all sexually active people will be infected at some point in their life. Most cases are asymptomatic or cleared  (genital warts) by immune system, but some cases result in cervical, anal, oral, penile, vulvar, and more cancers. There's about 26k cases per year in the US.

We've learned about Cervarix and Gardasil. Cervarix is bivalent against 16 and 18, the major contributers to cervical cancer. Gardasil is quadrivalent with 16, 18, 6, and 11. This new vaccine protects against those 4 plus 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58. A randomized clinical trial showed that this 9 strain vaccine provided better protection against genital cancers in women. The results also showed the same level of protection against 16,18, 6, and 11. The only difference is that this new vaccine has 5 more strains it protects against.

It'll be called Gardasil-9 and is still undergoing more trials.

- Jimmy

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