Friday, March 20, 2015

Stomach Virus Outbreak: Sounds Like Mr. Noro is up to No Good

The master of acute gastroenteritis epidemics has struck yet again in Pennsbury, Pennsylvania. As the article states, a Stomach Virus has wreaked havoc over the unfortunate souls attending Pennsbury elementary school.

The school board decided after 25% of the student body reported symptoms today that they should close until the epidemic has stopped, reporting that this number is 5 times as large as the normal absentee rate. 120 students have fallen ill, and the district health officials have given the credit to the one and only Mr. Noro.

The school board is hoping that the viral infection will subside over the weekend, however the article keenly points out that after being infected someone can spread the virus for up to 2 weeks! The public health director's response: to not be complacent, make sure the children are asymptomatic before returning to school, and to wash hands thoroughly.

I tip my hat to you Mr. Noro. Your positive stranded RNA nature, hit and run style of viral infection, and icosahedral shape are one heck of a recipe for GI disaster.

- Marcus Muñoz

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