Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sudan Refugee Camp Fighting Measles

As if South Sudan didn’t have enough issues, several of the major refugee camps in the country are currently experiencing drastic outbreaks in measles cases. To make matters worse, most of those affected have been young children under the age of 10.  Since November 2014, an outbreak of measles has been raging in Yida—a camp housing over 70,000 refugees.  Of these, approximately half are estimated to be young children. In Yida, 93 patients have been admitted with measles ad a massive vaccination program in the camp is underway.

Likewise, in the refugee camp of Otash, a more startling and pressing outbreak has been raging since mid-February. Currently the 3 medical center of the camp are attempting to handle over 100 cases per day. Their only equipped to treat 30 people a day.  Aid has not yet arrived at this camp.


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