Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saudi Arabia MERS-CoV cases soar

According to the Saudi Ministry of Health, there has been a massive increase in Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-Cov) cases (in addition to deaths by this) in the past couple months, pushing the fatality count in Saudi Arabia at around 416. All of the patients have been adults, aged between 34 and 80 years, and all have been female except for fourteen patients.

The number of infections which have been observed recently has been set at 957 (with 416 being fatal). The Ministry of Health has decided to start issuing a weekly report in which it will detail the steps it is taking to battle the disease (which has now had a total of 1,068 cases worldwide since its eruption in 2012) so that the public is better informed.

The virus has been seen in a mixed environment, with the vast majority of cases having occurred to Saudi nationals, and a sprinkling of cases seen in Sudan, Yemen, and Egypt. Of the latest 15 cases reported in the past two days, most where discovered inside health ministries, one in the National Guard, one in the Security Forces Medical Services, three in university hospitals, and two in the private sector.

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- Meche Peterson

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