Friday, December 12, 2014

Yet another scary monster in Australia

            Ah, Australia—home of my wonderful quarter abroad. And tons of scary critters like deadly spiders and snakes, sharks, stonfish, blue-ringed octopi box jellies, dingoes, crocodiles, and more. 

Now there’s another scary critter on the lose: Measels. As one of Filotov’s classic red rashes of childhood that shoudn’t be in the developed world anymore because of vaccines, right?


Thanks to unvaccinated visitors from the US and other countries, Perth, Western Australia is faces the risk of a measles outbreak. It turns out there are people who think they are fully vaccinated, but in fact the vaccine recommendations have been updated. As a result, thousands of people could be at risk for developing the disease. Unfortunately this isn’t the first case of measles in Australia this year. While the public health scare could be a bit overhyped, measles is an extremely contagious disease. This year, 38 cases were diagnosed in Western Australia, up from the yearly average of 12, possibly due to an outbreak in the Philippines. Public health officials are alert for any signs of a serious outbreak.


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