Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A New Portrait of Ebola

It’s hard to sift through statistical facts and distant reports of the West African ebola outbreak to truly grasp the very human impact of this disease. In the 60 Minutes’ piece, “The Ebola Hot Zone,” Lara Logan follows a team of volunteer US physicians into their makeshift ebola treatment center in Liberia to interview providers and patients.

The portrait painted is horrific. Haunting faces of patients approaching death. A young child nursed by his father one day, and gravediggers burying his body – in line with transmission precautions – the next. It provides the viewer with a greater sense of urgency than any newspaper could.

Particularly relevant to the course is the in depth interview with Dr. Colin Bucks, a Stanford Hospital emergency medicine physician. To see the extensive protective equipment in use and his daily routine on the ground provides valuable context to his guest (Skype) lecture.

Watch it here!

- Emma Rastatter

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