Monday, December 1, 2014

The Danes are Knee Deep in Enterovirus

Enterovirus D68, infamous for leaving a trail of very sick, sometimes paralyzed (despite the virus being classified as non-polio) children in the US earlier this year, has found its way to Denmark. This virus, once considered relatively rare, has experienced a global upswing in recent years: in 2012 there were only 95 cases reported globally, while this year alone there have been approximately 1250 cases worldwide. The explosive trend of the virus combined with its relative penchant for harm is worrisome.

EV-D68 manifests itself in a manner highly similar to the flu, and it transmitted in much the same way. Therefore, avoidance of the virus is synonymous with avoidance of the flu: regular hand washing, avoidance of sick individuals, self-quarantine in the event of infection, and so forth. With quick detection and treatment of an EV-D68 infection, most patients recover completely. And while there is no vaccine currently available, the CDC has listed a series of sanitation protocols to prevent the spread of said virus, particularly in hospital.

More on EV-D68 can be found here, here, and here.

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