Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Step Closer to Yellow Fever in L.A. County

The Aedes aegypti species of mosquito – an aggressive variant who’s awake and biting primarily in the day – was identified in early October in Los Angeles county. Officials noticed it by the species’ characteristic black and white stripes and quarter-inch size. Aedes aegypti are feared as the vectors of dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever. Luckily, these viruses are nowhere to be found in the Los Angeles, but if an infected traveler were to bring the virus from overseas, it now has the appropriate vehicle to cause serious damage in the area.

This is just one in a series of new mosquito species introduced to the area, as of late. In the past couple of years, the Asian tiger mosquito and Australian backyard mosquitoes were discovered in the county and found to spread rapidly among neighborhoods.

The Department for Vector Control in the area is mounting an aggressive attack on these mosquitos as they’re identified. The department will monitor growth of the mosquito population, and residents are encouraged to report any sitings of mosquitoes who show the appropriate warning signs.  

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