Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mexico-US Border site of Concern for other "illegal Aliens": Ebola hitching a ride?

The U.S. general has warned that the southern United States border with Mexico could be a site of concern for an area in which illegal immigants from West Africa could be trying to cross at, introducing Ebola through here. He mentioned the fact that it is a porous site, and refers to an incident where a general of the US Southern Command encountered the possibility in Costa Rica of people rounding up a group of Liberian men through the site. 

"If Ebola breaks out in Haiti or in Central America, I think it is literally 'Katie bar the door' in terms of the mass migration of Central Americans into the United States'" the general said. Whether this is the fact or not, I believe that the government should focus their efforts in West Africa which would take care of this particular facet of the border issues. 

-Meche Peterson

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