Friday, December 12, 2014

Response to Ebola: Health Infrastructure Development

           "We need to develop the health infrastructure in West Africa. That's the biggest problem!' We've all been saying it (or something along the lines of this), but does anyone know what's actually been happening?

     Well, the World Health Organization has been coordinating the construction and staffing of new treatment centers in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. So far, there are 15 operational centers ( 2 in Guinea, 7 in Sierra Leone, and 6 in Liberia). That's a total of 1047 beds. To put this into context, this past week there were a total of 1223 new cases of Ebola in these 3 countries. This is progress. The WHO is planning on building 42 treatment centers total.

Here's a NYTimes update on the actual effort being put in the develop the health infrastructure in West Africa.

This is one step. The problem still remains: who's going to staff this? How are patients going to get there? Healthcare infrastructure has so many components and who's going to pay for it? Of course, the WHO funds the most profitable part of the healthcare infrastructure, the treatment centers.

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This is another post from the good old New York Times facts sheet on Ebola.

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