Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oncolytic Viruses as Anti-Cancer Vaccines

There have been some very impressive results regarding oncolytic virotherapy from studies done preclinical )as well as a first round of potential therapeutic outcomes from clinical trials). Viruses, which are being used for their characteristics as vaccination agents, are in this case being designed as anti-cancer agents (those that have the oncolytic characteristics required) by combining the induction of immune responses regarding antitumors with the "lysis-dependent cytoreductive activity". 

Activation of the antitumoral immune response by viruses that are oncolytic by infecting tumorous tissue is a challenge that clinical oncologists have been facing. This is due to the fact that there are many complex effects of the infection caused by a viral tumor on the tumor environment, and the consequences regarding the immune cell being infiltrated by the tumour are not understood well. The paper published helps show that by infecting a tumor with an oncolytic virus, many options are opening up regarding immunomodulative responses such as dentritic-based vaccines, systemic chemotherapies as well as antigenic libraries. 

-Meche Peterson

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