Thursday, January 15, 2015

CDC Flu Vaccine Efficacy Not Ideal but Not Useless

--> The numbers are in on this year's flu vaccine and they look less than spectacular.

According to the CDC’s finally published study, the estimated feectiveness of this year’s flu concoction is about 23%. Not so hot—but not useless.

On average, the vaccine can be anywhere from 10$ to 60% effective. Thus, while this year’s vaccine is not brilliant and is admittedly on the low end of the spectrum, it could be worse.  To put it into perspective,  it is estimated that a vaccine which can be just 10%  effective can in fact reduce hospitalzitions by about 13,000 cases. That means this years vaccine has the potential to keep almost 30, 000 people out of hospitals. Honestly, not bad.

Of note however, was that the study indactes that the vaccine actually had a greater benefit for children.

So basically, get vaccinated—you could be one of those 30,000 that DOESN’T have to go to the hospital.


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