Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola Philanthropy

With the largest Ebola epidemic on hand ever, the realm of humans and viruses has never been more exciting. For some, this outbreak has caused enough damage and terror to motivate them to give incredible sums of money towards organizations battling against the filovirus on the front lines. Billionaires across the United States have started to make enormous monetary pledges towards fighting the international spread of Ebola.

Bill Gates may have started the trend of massive private philanthropic donations towards Ebola on September 30, 2014 when he pledged 50 million dollars through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that will be directly utilized by organizations like the WHO, UN, and CDC curbing the epidemic.

Soon after making this pledge, Bill Gates talked with ABC News about his donation, mentioning how excited he was about others getting involved in philanthropy, particularly focusing on the the young and rich of the world stating that people shouldn't wait until they are "on their deathbead" to start giving away their money.

Interestingly, after this article was published, Mark Zuckerberg donated 25 million dollars to the CDC to be used directly in the fight against Ebola. Whether or not the young Bay Area Billionaire decided to give to the Ebola outbreak before Gate's call to action is besides the point, as the money will be actively utilized by the CDC immediately.

As an aside, after Humans and Viruses class on Thursday, I attempted to contact Mark Zuckerberg via email in order to get him to talk with our class about his philanthropic actions. He has not responded to me yet. I'll let you all know when I get an email back from

- Marcus Munoz

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