Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Computers and Humans Unite Against HIV

A plethora of treatments have been made against HIV, but which have sadly lost effectivity as a result of the virus developing resistance. Due to this, treatments for HIV are a race against time, one that researchers in Denmark are undertaking with the help of computers in order to speed up developmental work.

Finding the substances that can be synthesized in a laboratory that can be used to block the retroviral enzymes used to reproduce take up a lot of resources and time; however, a new computer model has been developed in conjunction with the substantially more powerful computers we have nowadays, the combination of which is finding compounds up the whazoo. These models are based on molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics; in a recent screening, .5 million compounds were screened and found that 25 were suitable for laboratory testing, out of which 14 were found to hinder the reproductive ability of HIV!


I guess it won't be us against Skynet anymore...

-Meche Peterson

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