Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cholera Outbreak in Ghana

   Covered up by all the news with Ebola outbreak in Africa and the first case in America, the Cholera outbreak in Ghana has hit a record 17,000 cases with 15 deaths, the worst outbreak in 30 years. This is the worst since 1982.

  Outbreaks for cholera have been expected. Heavy rain hit Accra and exposed open markets turned into filth. In July of 2014, the first cases of Cholera were reported in Accra. Currently, all regions of Ghana, except the northern region, have reported cases of Cholera and the Greater Accra Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health Service in August officially declared the outbreak ravaging parts as an epidemic.

Fig 1: Reported Cases of Cholera, 1982 to 2014 from


-- Jimmy Jiang

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