Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dengue Vaccine Completes Phase III (and All Four Serotypes Are Terrified)

Sanofi Pasteur has developed a dengue vaccine candidate that successfully completed phase three clinical efficiency studies. The vaccine efficiency study was done throughout Latin America, and was shown to have an efficacy of 60.8%, protecting against all four of the dengue serotypes! This reduction in dengue disease cases was observed in children/ adolescents from the ages of 9-16, and who were on a 3 dose vaccination schedule. The vaccine candidate has also been shown to have a good safety profile, not only in this phase but in all previous ones as well.

It was reported by Sanofi that the vaccine resulted in a reduction of the risk of hospitalization by over 80%. The study shows that the vaccine was efficacious against dengue hemorrhagic fever (results that were also observed in a Sanofi study of the same vaccine in Asia). The vaccine will be presented in early November in Louisina. If the vaccine proves to be very efficacious, it would be a very important tool to be able to reach the goal of reducing mortality by dengue by 50% by 2020 as set by the World Health Organization.

As aforementioned, this was the second of two large-scale randomized, placebo controlled (and observed blind) trials. Total amount of children immunized in Latin America was 20, 875 (places in which they participated included Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, and Puerto Rico), and the schedule was comprised of the vaccine at zero, six and twelve months.

To read more, see the full article at http://www.sanofipasteur.com/en/articles/sanofi-pasteur-s-dengue-vaccine-candidate-successfully-completes-final-landmark-phase-3-clinical-efficacy-study-in-latin-america.aspx

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