Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Money = More Influenza

So I don't have a source for this, but I heard it on the radio and thought it was an interesting tid-bit, so I thought I'd share it. Although granted, I couldn't find it on the web, so it may not be credible. Either way, I thought I'd post another article seeing that Nick and I had the same one about Ebola...

But anyway, so I heard that recent studies have found that influenza virus can actually live on dollar bills for up to two weeks (yay - word of the day = FOMITE) and it is causing people like bankers - who have a high levels of contact with bills and change - to have a higher risk of catching the virus than if they were to work somewhere else. Interesting, dollar bills as fomites? I;m going to have to say, that is not a strong enough deterrent for me :)


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