Sunday, January 27, 2008

Avian flu in India

Hey all,

I loved the dinner last night! Thanks for showing up guys. :)

I found a pretty good summary article on the H5N1 situation in India. It is interesting because it is written more to calm people down than alarm them because it emphasizes that it isn't transmitted from birds to humans or humans to humans. I don't really think they believe that it will jump that soon (which we agreed last quarter that it almost certainly would). Anyway, very interesting.
Dr. Bob--do you think that people have bioterrorism strains of bird to human infections of H5N1 out there?

Another really random comment: Did you guys know there are strains of resistant TB on campus in the labs that people are working with? WHOA! There are so many things that go on right in the vicinity of us...Anybodyknow any more about this?


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