Thursday, January 31, 2008


Let's go to the 4th Int'l Symposium on Filoviruses!! It's during spring break... March 26-28, 2008... in Gabon. They'll be talking about our favorite "it's mutating!" virus family and trying to propose strategies for prevention and treatment. There will be 3 awesome sessions to check out: filovirus and the environment, filovirus on a cellular level, and treatment/prevention.

The list of previous locations is interesting, too:

Marburg, Germany (2000) --yay eponyms!
Bethesda, USA (2003) -- for our lovely Bethesda Classification System
Winnipeg, Canada (2006) -- not so interesting.

I'm sure we can get funding somehow, and it'd be fun. Straight into the heart of Ebola endemicity!


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