Monday, January 28, 2008

India bird flu disease 'alarming'

Hey Guys,

So my last post was about the growing incidence of brid flu in West Bengal, India.
Just to follow up, this article describes the govt of India's methods of dealing with the issue. Of course this is can only be done via culling; "More culling teams are needed in all the affected districts but these are things that cannot be hurried. The men in the culling teams have to be quarantined first before they can be asked to start the operations," Mr Rehman said.

What's worrisome in the article is the villagers had resisting culling of their backyard poultry- a source of income and food. Furthermore, the govt is doing something shady- hiring the villagers to kill the birds themselves: "The government employees have protective suits but the villagers are totally exposed. They don't even have a pair of gloves, so it is dangerous to use them but that has to be done," said animal disease expert Debojit Brahma. "



Priya said...

Yes, you are 100% right..very excellent analysis...My friend, who's a reputed doctor has published an excellent series on Bird Flu. Check out one of his blog:

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