Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bird Flu Craziness

Earlier this morning, a 32-year-old man died of bird flu in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since the virus began spreading among Asia's poultry stocks in 2003, 101 Indonesians have died and 23 more have recovered from an infection. This particular man's neighbor was a pigeon breeder, but health officials have yet to confirm whether any of his birds were infected with the virus.

Also, a bit more on the new flu vaccine (see Raquel's post)...The technique of administering the vaccine under the tongue has been successful in mice, per reports by Korean scientists. They reported that two doses of the vaccine under the tongue saved the experimental mice from what would otherwise have been a lethal dose of flu. Pathologically, the reasoning holds that a few drops of the vaccine under the tongue goes directly to the mucus membranes, initiating an immune response....The best part: if and when a vaccine like this gets approved for humans, it can be flavored. Sweet!


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