Monday, January 14, 2008

Childhood exposure to Mumps linked to increased risk of Schizophrenia Later in Life

Swedish scientists published an article today in the American Journal of Psychology finding that childhood exposure to mumps virus (in cases of CNS infection) was correlated with a 3-fold increase in the later development of schizophrenia. Even more stunning, infection with CMV was related to a 16 fold increase in later psychosis! As we virophiles are well aware, both mumps and CMV are highly neurovirulent viruses.

While prior studies have examined fetal infection and psychosis, this is the first large study on childhood exposure.

Maybe in our lifetime an infectious basis to schizophrenia will be elucidated. Pretty cool stuff! More and more reasons to get your children vaccinated (if you ask me!)

Check out the article here.


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