Friday, November 2, 2007

“Kill the Virus, Stop Cancer”

As we all know, several viruses have oncogenic potential (ie Epstein-Barr- lymphoma, cervical cancer- human papillomavirus).

Recently, researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have shown that the growth of cancers linked to viruses can be reduced or even stopped. Using a process called radioimmunotheraphy, researchers tagged antibodies with radioisotopes which recognize viral antigens responsible for the proliferation of the cells. When the growth of tumor cells outstrips the blood supply, the viral antigens are released. The antibodies recognize these antigens and then release radiation which kills the virus as well as nearby tumor cells. The technique has been used successfully in mice infected with cervical cancer and liver cancer.

This holds great potential for cancer prevention and therapy.
See the article from Scientific American for more information


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