Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Public Health and Global Security; Developed Countries need to step it up

People across the world have never been so connected to one another -- and continued air travel and globalization in the 21st century will only bring us closer together. As such, the health of a certain country or region is no longer confined to just that area; the health of the world is now on the line. WHO recently released a report on the importance of developed nations to ramp up their efforts in supporting developing countries public health. New infectious diseases are ever emerging. Since 1967 39 new pathogens have been identified worldwide -- including SARS, HIV, Marburg fever and Ebola. Developing countries, with the support of developed nations, could prevent future outbreaks by ratcheting up preventative health care. And they would no longer have to rely on other nations to come to their aid in the event of an outbreak. Addressing global health and security will benefit patriots of developed and developing countries alike. We really are all brothers and sisters on this earth.


-Tad Henry

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