Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dang! Dengue in Honduras

-A young girl died of dengue hemorrhagic fever on November 4 of this year, marking the disease's most recent casualty and the 14th death in Honduras in 2007 attributable to DHF. This figure is up from the DHF-related deaths in 2006. More than 26,500 people have been affected by dengue fever in Honduras this year.
-Honduras has spent approximately $2 million in cleaning operations such as fumigation intended to eliminate the breeding grounds for the Aedes aegyptis mosquitoes.
-For its part, the government has requested that its citizens eliminate standing water sources in and near their homes (such as tires, bottles, etc.) where the mosquito vector is able to reproduce and proliferate.

For more info, see: http://espanol.news.yahoo.com/s/ap/071106/salud/amc_med_honduras_dengue (this report is in Spanish; I've done my best to translate & summarize above)


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