Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Vaccination against High blood pressure?

Posted by Marisa Dowling

1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure, predisposing these individuals to stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure. Despite effective medicines, only 1 in 4 patients has their blood pressure consistently controlled due largely to poor drug regimen adherence. Preliminary results from the lab of Dr. Juerg Nussberger of University Hospital of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland show promising treatment for hypertension in the form of a vaccine.

Angiotensisn II, a molecule in the blood, causes vessel contriction leading to high blood pressure. Current drugs prevent the synthesis of angiotensisn or keep it from binding to its receptors. The drug levels in the blood need to be kept at certain levels to work, requiring constant ingestion. The vaccine, made up of a non-infectious particle shaped like a virus and chemically-combined with angiotensin II, would replace the need for taking pills daily as the vaccine would induce the body to attack the virus and create antibodies to angiotensin II in the process. The body would thereby regulate angiotensin II on its own. This effect has been shown to last for months

The data currently presented, however, only considers results from 72 patients. And though results find the vaccine safe and effective, larger studies will be needed to confirm these results and lack of side effects.

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Juri said...

How I solved my High Blood Pressure and Wight problems

Hi to all.

About 3 years ago I had problem with my blood pressure, caused by stress, wrong diet and low activity. And I was only 25!! Wight, a little more than 100 kg.

The solution to this problem came to me accidentally. About 3 years ago I had to change my workplace. I had to walk to and from my new Work every day about 3 kilometers (about 2 miles), thats made 6km (about 4 miles) a day and took about 40 minutes. I did this a bit faster than normal walk and in 2 Months I lost 20 kg and my blood pressure went to normal (and cholesterol too).

So this is my story. Hope this makes sense to You.

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To Your Health, Juri

Anonymous said...

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