Thursday, November 1, 2007

HIV Infection Rate Drops in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has registered a 2.5 percent decline in HIV infection rates, and the number of AIDS deaths also is dropping, the government said Thursday, crediting its "tireless efforts" to fight the pandemic.

Quoting figures it said were verified by the United Nations, the Ministry of Health said the HIV rate dropped from 18.1 percent in people aged 15 to 49 years last year to 15.6 percent this year.

AIDS deaths also have decreased, down to 2,214 a week from around 2,500 a week, according to the new statistics.

A researcher at London's Imperial College who helped work on the figures said the trends presented were as accurate as possible given the available data, according to college spokeswoman Laura Gallagher. The UNAIDS agency was not immediately available for comment.


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frankin said...

It is good news that HIV infection rate declines. The disease is uncurable, but its infection can be controlled. As long as everyone of us can control ourselves, we can contro the infection of the disease. Many friends I meet on site called say self-control is very important. They say if they can control themselves, they wouldn't get the disease.