Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Since we know so much about Parvoviridae now, let's talk Human Bocavirus!

Human Bocavirus is another Parvovirus that infects humans. Previously, B19 was the only Parvovirus thought to be pathogenic in humans. But not anymore!

Originally, Human Bocavirus was thought to be involved in respiratory illness, as it was commonly found in the respiratory tract. However, since other Parvoviruses are known to cause enteritis, it was hypothesized that perhaps Human Bocavirus did as well, and actually did not cause respiratory illness (I guess this is why we classify viruses into families and look at commonalities...).

Long story short, it was found that Human Bocavirus can be found and replicates in the human gut, but it was inconclusive if it is linked to gastrointestinal disease. But add one to the list of parvoviruses that infect humans!

Link to the CDC article

- Nick

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