Friday, October 19, 2007

Yellow Fever Vaccine Associated Deaths in Peru

Since the article is in summary, I'm going to copy and paste it here and provide the Spanish Link.

A 73-year-old man from Nazca is the 3rd presumed
fatality as a result of the application of yellow
fever vaccine. An autopsy will be performed in
Lima in order to confirm that the cause of death
is the same as that of the young woman, a
university student, who died a few days ago.

Meanwhile, there are other 3 people under medical
observation at Ica Regional Hospital. They
present the same symptoms as the 2 victims:
diarrhea and fever.

A 79-year-old man [73 years old according to
other media reports] is the 3rd victim of the
alleged adverse reaction to yellow fever vaccine
that has been reported over the past 5 days in
Ica. According to the Regional Hospital in Ica,
the cause of death was "multiorgan dysfunction."

Clarens Campos, attending physician and head of
the Epidemiology Department of the hospital said,
"The patient was rushed to the hospital from
Nazca, with irregular hearth rhythm and acute
renal failure added to a severe pulmonary
problem, which resulted in his death given his
old age."

However, the patient's children maintained the
man was in good health before he and his wife,
66, were vaccinated by nurses who setup an
ambulatory post in Nazca's Central Market. "They
vaccinated them without asking their age." they

The regional health director, Bryan Donayre,
indicated that the person responsible for the
vaccination campaign is preparing a report to
justify the vaccination of elderly people given
that it is indicated for people between 15 and 59
years of age.

The Ministry of Health, Carlos Vallejos, said
only that the cause of the deaths would be
revealed when the results of tests on samples
sent to Brazil and the United States become

There are 13 persons that remain under
observation in Ica's regional hospital (8) and
San Jose de Chincha Hospital (5), after reporting
adverse reactions to the yellow fever vaccine.

According to the Pan American World Health
Organization (PAHO), during 2007, there have been
11 deaths attributed to yellow fever vaccine
associated viscerotropic (YFV-AVD) disease and 26
cases of encephalitis [neurotropic (YFV-AND)

The vaccine used in Ica is produced by
Biomanguinhos, a laboratory that undergoes strict
quality control evaluations.

PAHO performs tests on the vaccines.



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