Thursday, October 18, 2007

For all the Mac users out there...

As we all know, Al Gore and the U.N Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for spreading awareness on the impact of global warming on our planet. The fact that global warming is a problem is old news to Humans and Viruses students because global warming is the answer to all questions.

To do your part in keeping track of international global warming news, Mac users can download the Widget. For PC users, Widgets are applications found on the dashboard of Mac computers and can range from reference databases to the timely Halloween costume generator.

This widget displays current news and shows the planet's estimated accumulated carbon footprint from January 1, 2007.

So why is this widget applicable to Humans and Viruses? Global warming can greatly affect the incidence of diseases transmitted by mosquitos because they are relocating to locations around the world that are warmer and now more habitable than before. Erratic weather patterns (floods, hurricanes) create standing water in places where mosquito infestation was not a problem previously. Proper education of the effects of global warming can help us combat emerging infectious diseases (and prevent our planet from withering away).


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