Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dengue, Dengue, Dengue...(sigh)

1. Cayman Islands-two confirmed cases of Dengue, which are hypothesized to be imported and isolated (the two individuals had travelled to 2 different countries prior to visiting the Cayman Islands)

2. Jamaica-282 confirmed cases of Dengue, with 1770 suspected cases; 11 suspected cases of deadly DHF (secondary infection)

3. Barbados (Uh, oh Chad)-255 confirmed cases (as of end of Sept), 592 suspected cases, currently no reported cases of deadly DHF

4. Mexico-22, 943 Dengue infections, 5,000 are infected with fatal hemorrhagic variant
**in 2000, only one case of the hemorrhagic variant was found in every 50 cases; now in 2007 the ratio is about one in five
**In Mexico, the existing DENV 4 infection may develop into the hemorrhagic variant, but luckily the mortality caused by the hemorrhagic variant is still currently low...only 6 have died so far this year of this variant)

5. Honduras-13 deaths so far in 2007; about 1230 of DHF type have been confirmed and about 24, 207 cases of classic dengue fever have been confirmed thus far; in 2006 68 people died of DHF

6. Brazil (San Paulo)- 1 in every 5 municipalities is facing an epidemic (due to worsening of disease during the summer months); the Ministry of Health has declared the current state of infections as an "epidemic" when 300 cases occur per 1000 inhabitants; this year 127 of the 645 San Paulo cities have registered at least this level (300 per 100,000); state of epidemic has only been declared in these individual cities, not the entire state
**Sales is the city with the highest rate of Dengue in 2007: 1 in 20

-Becca Briggs

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