Monday, October 17, 2011

Rubella in Hong Kong

There has been a small outbreak of Rubella in Hong Kong in 3 Indonesian women. Epidimiological evidence shows that all three of them attended the same church earlier. A quick reaction was mounted, and all the attendees received a talk, questionnaires were handed out, and immunization was offered to all those who had not been immunized before. Close to 11 of those people were found with symptoms, further increasing the likelihood that the church was the source of the women's infection. The women are stable.

Rubella is a highly infectious disease that is caused by rubella virus and transmitted via respiratory tracts. The women were of young age, which is problematic considering that rubella can do irreversible damage to developing fetuses. While the women are stable, it raises the numerous and well-versed questions of why groups of people choose not to get vaccinated against preventable diseases.


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