Sunday, October 16, 2011

Measles epidemic?

There have been two suspected cases of measles in Wellington. The cases are believed to be associated with a gelato cafe. The suspected cases involed one adult and one pre-schooler. Health officials believe that it's possible that the cases are transmitted by a visitor from Auckland, where measles cases have been reported since May. Dr. Nesdale warn against traveling with sickness or related symptoms and that even when someone presents a "minor" symptom like cough and red eyes, it could still be measles and very infectious. To date, no secondary cases have been identified.

I think the fact that a pre-school is infected should be taken seriously, especially if the pre-schooler went to school after being exposed. The article does not talked about the potentially exposed population size, and I feel like that kind of information would help with the epidemiological investigation of the measles cases.

-Michelle Jin

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