Monday, October 31, 2011

No more cold sores?

Researchers at Utah identified a gene linked to Herpes Simplex labialis (Cold sore). This type of herpes infection results in fluid-filled blisters on the tips and the virus remains in the body throughout the infected person's life time. In a study with 618 participants who had cold sores, the researchers identified a gene called C21orf91 that is responsible for cold sores. Researchers suggest that the gene will be remained as the Cold Sore Susceptibility Gene 1 (woo so much easier to remember!). This discovery has important implications for drugs for the treatment of cold sores and future research on whether it's linked genital herpes.

I think this is a very interesting finding because although cold sores are not as severe as other herpes infections, it is very annoying to have to deal with them. Having had cold sores my whole life, I'm very excited to hear that there might be new long lasting treatments that might prevent future outbreaks.

-Michelle Jin

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