Monday, October 31, 2011

Hantavirus in India

A case of hantavirus infection has been discovered in the Karimnagar District of Hyderabad, India. This is considered the first reported case of hantavirus in the state, and Yashoda Hospital specialists are apprehensive of future cases to come. The man, Bhagavan Rao, was admitted to the hospital with cough and shortness of breath, only to fall into intense cardiac arrest the day afterwards. He was revived, placed on a ventilator, and appears to be slowly recovering. He is non-responsive and probably blind.

His physician, Dr. M V Rao, sent samples to Mumbai under suspicion of hantavirus. They came back positive, and Dr. Rao presence of rodents in the area, especially deer mice. This poses interesting questions in relation to the 1993 outbreak in the Four Corners Area of the United States. Should precipitation increase in the Karimnagar District, should the hospital take precautions in preparation of more hantavirus cases?


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