Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Are All Future EIS Officers

Someday, members of Humans and Viruses 2007-08 will become future EIS officers. We will join the ranks of former H&V students in investigating interesting and (at times) dangerous outbreaks of infectious agents.

Until then, here's more information on the Epidemic Intelligence Services (EIS).

EIS was started in 1951 (after the start of the Korean War) as an early warning system against biological warfare and epidemics. 2/3 of officers are medical doctors; the remaining officers may be MD-PhDs, Physicians Assistants, or researchers with a doctoral degree. Assignments last for 2 years and include on-the-job training by epidemiologists in the field (ie in the heart of an epidemic).

60% of the 180 current EIS officers (80 officers for each year) are women. Interesting how women are making their presence known in the scientific field!

There have been a number of H&V graduates that have gone on to be EIS training. Ask Bob for names and contacts. I'm sure they would be happy to talk to us!

Check out the EIS website at :


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