Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Flu virus DNA and a needle-less vaccine...hmmm

This is rather old, but it caught my eye. And it comes with a video!

With pandemic flu afoot, people in the medical field are questioning the logistics of current vaccination plans. Even with a new flu vaccine available, many in the field do not believe that the world would handle a widespread flu epidemic, given the way and the time required to mass-produce vaccines.

The biggest drawbacks to vaccines is that they take too long to make, which would be problematic in the event of an outbreak. A new vaccine, supposedly based on flu virus DNA (I thought orthomyxoviruses were RNA…), is promised to be a faster way to fight the flu. A few genes can supposedly be extracted from the DNA of the flu virus and used to make a vaccine. Microscopic particles are then coated wit this vaccine and shot at the body as super-fast speeds (sounds almost as painful as an injection…) using a needle-“free” device.


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