Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Old Adage SolveD: Vitamin D & Colds

A study published recently has confirmed it all: Vitamin D does in fact promotes immunity against colds and the flu!

Vitamin D has long been known in promoting bone and muscle health. However, Dr. Martineau, from the Queen Mary University of London, led a group to investigate further about Vitamin D's functions.  Study participants took daily or weekly doses of vitamin D supplements, and the data shows the daily or weekly supplements can halve the risk of acute respiratory infection -- this includes the common cold and flu viruses!

These findings correlate with previously known Vitamin D effects. For instance, Vitamin D is known to protect against asthma attacks. A possible reason? Vitamin D decreases viral infection causing acute respiratory disease, a common cause of asthma.

Colds and the flu are most common in winter and spring months, when there is least amount of natural Vitamin D (no sun, no Vit D). Take your supplements, kids!

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-- Sharon Kam

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