Saturday, February 11, 2017

Home Kit Ebola Detection Test?

An easy detection test for Ebola virus infection in on the way, reported researchers at the American Society for Microbiology Biothreats meeting on February 6th. 

A group at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine has been working on an ELISA-like test for Ebola virus. Blood would be dabbed on a piece of paper pre-loaded with antibodies raised against Ebola virions. In 10-15 minutes, a colored line will appear if the sample contains virus. Specifically, the antibodies have been raised against a variety of EBOV antigens, such as EBOV rVP40, EBOV virus-like particles expressing EBOV VP40 and EBOV glycoprotein, and non-eVLPs. In actuality, the test is called a lateral flow immunoassay as the test is membrane-based. 

Currently, the assay only works if the patient has been infected for awhile, generating a higher viral load in the blood. However, researchers are hoping to fine-tune their diagnostic test to work for infected patients in earlier stages. 

Expect to see a "pregnancy test for Ebola" on the market in a couple of years!

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Abstract of Poster Presentation at ASM:!/4357/presentation/624

-- Sharon Kam

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